New Climate Change exhibit draws on latest scientific information about impact of warming climate

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The Harvard Museum of Natural History announces the new Climate Change exhibit that draws on the latest scientific information about our warming climate, the global and local consequences, and how to both reduce the fossil fuel emissions that cause it and prepare for its effects.

This multimedia exhibit includes engaging video and storm simulations, a “check your knowledge” interactive station, and a dramatic inside look at a high-tech Argo float from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution-one of more than 4,000 deployed worldwide to monitor global oceans and climate.

Developed in collaboration with the Harvard University Center for the Environment and informed by new Harvard research, the exhibit offers visitors the hard facts¬¬–the knowns and unknowns–about one of the greatest challenges the world faces.

“Climate change is one of the most complicated and challenging problems the world has ever faced” said Professor Dan Schrag, Director of the Harvard Center for the Environment and lead curator of the exhibit. “It is a global problem, and one that requires global action to manage the impacts and minimize the risks. Here at Harvard, we have many researchers who contribute to understanding climate change and working towards solutions. This exhibit is a manifestation of that knowledge, and through our partnership with HMNH, we are able to present some of that to the broader community.” For more perspectives on climate change across economics, public policy, the arts, and more see the videos at

Harvard Museums of Science & Culture Executive Director Jane Pickering said the museums aim to provide a meeting point for scholars and the public. “The Harvard Museum of Natural History has had an exhibit on climate change since 2004,” said Pickering, “but we felt it was imperative at this time to rethink our display. We wanted to connect visitors to the cutting-edge research going on at the university as they consider their own responses to this unprecedented global challenge.”


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